Courier service for all your shipments

Verstraaten express carries parcels and objects of all kinds and in all sizes. And conditioned, if so required. We understand the meaning of the word “urgency”. And that time is money. That is what our services are aimed at. We can be on the spot within 30 minutes, if necessary. Our car fleet comprises about 15 vehicles. These vehicles range from modern courier vans to conditioned delivery vans. All our vehicles are new (none are over three years old) and are technically in perfect condition.

Verstraaten express: Faster, further

  • high-tech equipment
  • machine parts
  • veterinary/pharmaceutical products 
  • important documents
  • hard-to-wrap objects
  • works of art
  • valuable shipments


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Verstraaten: not only a matter of getting from A to B

Originally a taxi operator, Verstraaten works in a different way. Verstraaten rather looks at the big picture from the perspective of the transport market. How can things be done better? How can we work more efficiently?

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